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Discover how great you and your family can feel with natural, effective, wellness-based chiropractic care! You’ll be right at home and ready to heal in our warm and friendly environment.

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How can Chiropractic Wellness Help?

Back Pain ?

Back pain can affect us all throughout our lives, but it doesn’t have to be debilitating. With many years of experience, you’ll be in safe hands at Chiropractic Wellness Centre as we guide you through our gentle exercises to get you back on your feet again in no time.

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Headaches ?

If you’re a frequent sufferer of headaches or migraines, we can help. Let us help you ease your pain and reduce the frequency of your migraines with tried-and-tested chiropractic methods with scientifically-proven results.

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Pregnant ?

Pregnancy is a special time for everyone - avoid the unnecessary aches and pains, and make your pregnancy as smooth as possible with regular check-ins at our centre.

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Common Conditions

Back Pain, Acute & Chronic
Cervicogenic Headaches and Migraines arising from the neck
Mechanical Neck Pain
Hip, Leg and Foot Pain

Joint and Muscle-related Problems
Minor Sports Injuries
Shoulder and Arm Pain incl. Rotator cuff injuries or disorder

Chiropractic Wellness Centre in Leicestershire

Chiropractic Wellness Centre takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing by specializing in functional spinal rehabilitation, nutrition and movement. We treat everyone as an individual.

If pain and discomfort have been holding you back from living your life to its fullest, we are here to help you.

Our goal is to look beyond the symptoms to the causation of what and why you are experiencing certain health problems.

Ultimately we aim to guide you to effectively manage the daily physical, chemical and emotional stresses in order to maintain a state of good health and well-being.

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We look at how your spine and body are functioning biomechanically, neurologically and nutritionally. Using these findings, we can then create individualized care programs that help you live a more functional life which involves:

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Ergonomically Friendly

mobility icon


Being more mobile, with less pain

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Managing physical, chemical and emotional stressors

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Improve spinal integrity, function and strength

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Understanding how food choices can influence our health


"I have had 6 appointments and already have seen 70% improvement. I am now part way through my treatment and have reduced to weekly sessions with Rekha. Initially the treatment was quite painful, but now is much less painful. I have much more movement and flexibility. I find Rekha incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and professional, she really took time to find out about me and what I do, in order to understand my back problems. Now I look forward to my weekly visits and always leave feeling “free” to move easier. I have already recommended Rekha to my friends."

(condition being treated for – out of line pelvis and back pain) Z.B.H


"I have had 12 appointments and already have seen major improvement. I had severe back pain, not long after giving birth. It varied from being in my neck and shoulders, right down to my lower back and into my gluteal. I have massively improved in both the intensity and frequency of pain. The exercises given to me and treatment I have received have been excellent. It was a tough start, with the pain still being quite constant in the beginning, but then everything started to relax and loosen up and I feel a million times better now. Good to have regular check-up appointments though, to keep everything in place."

(condition being treated for – back pain) S.A


"I have had some improvement so far. I am confident that I am getting the attention I need, having left it a number of years since my last chiropractic consultation. I am very happy with the guidance and advice I am being given. Rekha is very patient with me. I particularly value the exercises and other advice she gives me on how to move etc, to minimise my problems. It is a pleasure to have my consultation where everyone is friendly and helpful. So, if my sessions with Rekha mean that I will be able to keep at bay or at least minimise the aches and pains I had started to experience, I am happy to continue with the treatment"

(condition being treated for – neck/back and leg pain) J.S


"A big thank you to Rekha as she has done a brilliant job on my daughter as I have heard less complaints about her pain on her shoulder and back and that’s only after 5 treatments. I would definitely recommend people with aches and pains."

condition being treated for back and shoulder pain) M.M


"I didn’t realise how bad I actually felt before starting treatment and how we seem to accept our daily aches and pains. Just after a few weeks the constant headache has gone. The little niggling aches and pains have almost gone. I feel like I did when I was a teenager, pain free and not like a stiff middle aged woman. Middle aged I may be but no longer tense, stiff and full of pain. Wonderful! Thank you so much."

(condition being treated for – Migraine, neck and lower back) K.H


"I cannot believe that in such a short time of treatment my lower back has improved so much. When I first came to see Rekha I couldn’t stand or walk. Just weeks later, the pain has nearly gone and my movement is so much better. The exercises I have been given have
helped. “Thank you so much"

(condition being treated for –lower back pain) K.M


"Feeling much better! I can quite literally hold my head up!! The pain In my hip is massively reduced and the weakness in my leg has disappeared! I have taken on board the advice that Rekha has given me and its all helping in making the new me! Best money I have ever spent, highly recommended – Thank you"

(condition being treated for – Lower Back pain, hip pain, upper back and neck pain, headaches, weakness in right leg and knee! V.L


"When I started my treatment the pain in my arm and shoulder had kept me awake for over two weeks and every day was an effort. From the very first treatment I found immediate relief, with my
problem improving every day. I am hardly ever feeling the pain in my shoulder. The exercises and nutritional advice have had hidden benefits – my skin is lovely and even better – I am losing weight. Without a doubt amazing value for money"

(condition being treated for - shoulder, arm and back pain) L.D


"I am very pleased with my improvement in only six weeks. I feel mentally and physically a different person and have even managed to lose half a stone due to the health and nutritional advice from Rekha. I look forward to an even bigger improvement in my mobility over the next few weeks"

(condition being treated for – Lower mid back pain/stiff neck) G.G


"I have not suffered from any back pain since beginning chiropractic care. Doing quite an active job and horse riding quite a lot I was finding that back pain was affecting day to day routine. I haven’t had to have any more time off work and am now able to ride whenever I want to. My riding has even improved as I am a lot more balanced now!"

(Condition being treated – Lower Back Pain) T.M


"Regular appointments keep “in check” and maintain a stable position to avoid more serious problems occurring. Regular appointments help you and ensure you don’t slip back into bad habits"

(Condition being treated for – Bad Back) S.O


Are you in pain? Discomfort?
Is it stopping you from living life to the full?
We are here to help guide you back to wellness.

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