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Your Leicester & Rugby chiropractor, Rekha Rampersad is here to help you achieve wellness across all areas of your life. What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of patient testimonials below taken at the 6th and 12th visits and email me or contact us if you have any questions 01455285126.


All the way through my treatment I’ve had everything explained as we went along, in a simple friendly manner, so I was at ease with the care given to me. I would advise anyone I know to use yourselves, Rekha has been a pro all the way through, having attended twice a week for the last five weeks. There has been a major improvement, can move and bend with a lot less pain. Back at work now, Thanks again.

~ H.C

I have heard about Rekha from a friend who had been treated and decided to try some treatment due to an ongoing problem with my lower back, piriformis and shoulder. I exercise very frequently so wanted to get my injuries treated. I noticed an improvement after the first visit with my lower back feeling a lot less tight. I have now had 6 visits and am extremely pleased with the results. I feel completely different, have a bit less back pain, have very little problems with my piriformis and my shoulder tension is a lot less. I would recommend Rekha as she has made a real difference to how I feel and my body feels so much more relaxed. I am looking forward to a summer where I can enjoy doing things without the ongoing pain I used to have.

~ D.R

Very professional service. My condition has improved, to the point, I feel like my old self and would highly recommend. Thank you to all the staff.

~ B.V

I have had this problem for 14 months and although I have put minor improvement, after having pain for this long, it is a great improvement for me. I am very happy with the treatment and shall carry on coming to the Chiropractors. This is the first time I have been given advice that works.

~ P.L

Excellent, knowledgeable treatment. Rekha has always made sure an understanding of what is happening is present.

~ S.K

I don’t think that my condition can be fully cured and I’m not expecting this. My back is more mobile and comfortable and I’m happy with this.

~ L.S

Certain things, a different bed, long car journeys etc., can still be a problem and cause pain, but overall the condition and pain is getting better. Still room for improvement so happy to continue with treatments.

~ M.E

You may feel worse for a while, stick with it, it does work in the end. No pain no gain. The friendly knowledgeable staff are very reassuring.

~ K.W


Chiropractic care has been amazing for me and has been a major pain reliever. My treatment has given me a new lease of life.

~ R.P

I feel I am now taking care of myself, not just taking myself for granted. Coming here isn’t just about being treated; it’s an education on how to respect the body.

~ A.J

I couldn’t walk when I first came to see Rekha and I am now virtually pain free. Also it has made me more conscious of my comfort breaks at work and regularly walk around at work away from my desk.

~ D.M

The treatment and exercises have had a marked improvement on my shoulder. It’s not completely better, but I think it’s going to be a long process to get back to normal. I have a lot more movement and less pain now though.

~ M.J

This treatment has been a revelation for me, knowing that each time I visit any niggles can be put right. Rekha is a superlative practitioner, open and receptive to your needs and so competent and able.

~ S.L

Did improve but then worsened due to other reasons. Treatment gives temporary relief from pain, but back problem may need surgery rather than manipulation. The days I have treatment make the pain much better, but it is short-lived. Rekha does work wonders.

~ R.E

Unfortunately due to my busy life, I missed a couple of sessions, only to find that my back has reminded me that it needs to come. Up until then major improvements, not just in my physical health, have actually felt happier since not having pain in my life every day. Back pain gone altogether and shoulder much improved, so much better than filling your body with painkillers which is what my GP suggested.

~ A.S

I had severe back pain not long after giving birth. It varied from being in my neck and shoulders, right down to my lower back and into my gluteals. I have massively improved in both the intensity and frequency of my pain. The exercises given to me and treatment I have received have been excellent. It was a tough start, with the pain still being quite constant in the beginning, but then everything started to relax and loosed up and I feel a million times better now. It is good to have regular checkups though, to keep everything in place.

~ S.A

The chiropractic care I have received has enabled me to care for myself more effectively as I am more aware of the problems and how to protect myself. For example, the stretches I have received, instruction and help to rebalance at the end of the day and relieve the stress caused by sitting at a work station or doing a particular activity such as horse riding. The advice and explanations of treatment have been thorough and have motivated me to take more care with diet and exercise. The environment is always welcoming and friendly.

~ W.B

At the beginning I had serious problems with my neck and lower back, they would lock up and were painful most of the time and it meant that I wouldn’t do lots of normal routine things, without painkillers. When I first started chiropractic care, it was slow starting and I didn’t feel an immediate improvement the first time. However, after that first or second week, I started to feel much looser and better. Now I’m rarely feeling uncomfortable or in pain and I’m lasting for longer and longer in between sessions. I’ve basically started getting my life back.


Having suffered for what seemed a life time, it is comforting to know that someone has finally got to the bottom of it and dealt with my lower back problems. I now feel confident and reassured that I can manage and cope with my back more easily. I recommend this type of treatment to anyone, especially if they have tried, as I have all other avenues.

~ P.C

I have suffered from back pain and neck pain for years. In the past when I had a stiff back I would try and crack it myself, either by arching over a chair and getting the lads to jump or walk on my back, short term relief, but making my problems worse. Since seeking treatment here and being shown easy exercises and stretches, I have never felt better, although the kids now miss walking on my back.

~ D.G