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Chiropractic Wellness Centre Resources


United Chiropractic Association (professional body representing chiropractors in the UK)

General Chiropractic Council(GCC) -The professional body that regulates all UK chiropractors)

The Wellness Guys – provide free podcasts on various health and wellness topics, including chiropractic, nutrition and exercise

Chironexus- latest chiropractic research and studies

Dr James Chestnut- evidence based chiropractic care literature

Dr Bruce Lipton-One of the leading voices on the new Biology and Epigenetics

Dr Bruce Lipton talks chiropractic, the new science and alignment

Eating into Wellness

Great resource for healthy recipes, health and nutritional articles

Dr Mark Hyman- information on how to ditch the sugar and restore health.

Dr Merocla- natural health information

Moving into Wellness

Great resource for exercise and how to keeping moving healthily

Training Your Core The Right Way

What is the Purpose of Your Core Muscles

Dr Stuart McGill- myths about back injury, exercise, proper lifting, and strengthening the core

How to Maximise Your Squat and Avoid Injury

Thinking into Wellness

YellowBrickCinema- music especially formulated for meditation, sleep, studying and relaxation

Chopra Centred Lifestyle- resources for meditation, yoga and wellness

Pam Grout- experiments to prove how your thinking creates your reality

James Altucher- Why you should always choose yourself

Dr Bruce Lipton -7 Ways to Reprogamme Your Subconscious Mind

10 questions to help you declutter

Mind, Body Green- great resource for meditation, health, wellness and green living