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Meet the Chiropractic Wellness Centre Team


Rekha Rampersad, Doctor of Chiropractic

“My passion is helping others to thrive physically, emotionally and spiritually.”

It has often been said that you don’t choose chiropractic; it chooses you. When I was in my final year of high school, I developed neck pain with pins and needles with numbness in my hand. It reached a stage where I couldn’t hold a pen for any length of time, leaving me worried I wouldn’t be able to complete my exams.

I visited numerous health professionals including my GP and an orthopaedic specialist who provided medications which only offered temporary relief. Fortunately, a family member suggested I visit his chiropractor and after just a couple of visits, I could sleep again… Read more

Adele Roberts, Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

Adele Roberts, CAI am a mum of three grown children who still live at home. I have been happily married for the past 26 years to Andy and have lived in Rugby all my life. I have been the Chiropractic Assistant at this Chiropractic clinic for the last 10 years. We recently added a new puppy to our household who is a gorgeous Dalmatian named Boston. He takes up all our free time entertaining him as he has tonnes of energy. We go on plenty long walks up and down the country side. I also enjoy the cinema and eating out.

I love the environment that I work in, the patients and my work colleagues. We get along really well and it is like one big happy family. It is a great place to work. I love the interaction with patients and also getting to know then as individuals.

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What I love most about my job is that we make a real difference to people’s lives and their wellbeing. We do our best to make their visits as enjoyable as possible by creating a friendly atmosphere. I love talking to them, reassuring them and seeing how they change during the course of their chiropractic care. They often come in a lot of pain and discomfort and it is always so uplifting and satisfying to watch them change into healthier and happier individuals in a short space of time.

Since having Chiropractic treatment, I have a greater understanding of how my body works and how it reacts to emotions, stresses and daily activities. I have learned how best to deal these things through exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle.

One of my favourite memories of how chiropractic care helped me was when I decided to walk to work in snowy weather thinking it would be easier and much safer than driving. How wrong I was! I slipped on some ice and fell flat on my back. By the time I eventually got to work, I was cold, wet and had a sore back. Not a good advert for Chiropractic as the one sitting out at the front desk. The problem was soon helped as Rekha came to the rescue and gave me treatment which put me back on track…no pun intended! Next time I will take the car!

Eileen Simons, Chiropractic Assistant (CA)

Eileen Simons, CAHello my name is Eileen Simons. I was born in Rugby and have lived here all my life. I am married and have 4 grown up children and 3 beautiful grandsons.

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. I am a qualified fitness instructor and previously had run my own classes in Rugby and Lutterworth until the birth of my 4th child.

I have been a member of our local sports centre for many years and this interest in health and fitness has resulted in me working as a receptionist for an osteopathic clinic for three years and then as a chiropractic assistant in this Chiropractic clinic for the last four years.

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I love my job at the front desk especially the interaction with patients, of whom, many having been with us for years. It always feels like they are part of our family. It is so satisfying to see the improvements of the patients’ health and wellbeing from the start of their chiropractic care until they transition to the maintenance and wellness stage of chiropractic care.

I also have benefited from chiropractic care as I am more aware of my posture and feel that I have a healthier outlook on life.

We look forward to getting to know you and helping you find true healing with chiropractic care. Call our clinic today! Broughton Astley 01455285126 or Rugby 01788547711